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20cm bespoke drum lampshade

20cm bespoke drum lampshade

  • Send me your fabric
  • Fabric should be 66cm (W) x 23cm (H)
  • State if it's for a table/floor or ceiling lamp (important for dirctional patterns)
  • Lampshade lining

    • Lampshades are lined with white, opaque, flame-retardant PVC.
    • Other lining options are available including transparent, gold, silver or contrasting fabric, Please contact me to dicuss these options.
  • Lampshade height

    • The default height of a 20cm drum lampshade is 18cm -
    • Different heights are available. Please contact me to discuss the available options
  • Fabric

    • Woven fabrics are best - e.g. linens and cottons, incuding fabric blends
    • Fabric weight can range from lightweight (quilting) cotton to curtain and lightweight upholstery fabrics
    • The fabric size (66cm (W) x 23cm (H)) is the minimum size - depending on the pattern, a larger size may be necessary
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